Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nokia X6- Stunningly beautiful!

Among the many devices Nokia is showcasing at Nokia World '09, a member of the much rumoured Xseries, the X6 really caught my attention. Below are the specs:

* SW Platform: Symbian OS, S60 5th edition 5.0
* Processor speed: 433.9MHz
* 35 hours of music playback
* 32 GB of built in memory
* 3.2 inch touch screen at 640 x 360 pixels It is 111 mm x 51 mm x 13.8 mm
* 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash,
* quadband GSM/EDGE, triband WCDMA (850/1900/2100 MHz).
* Games included: Spore by EA, Asphalt4 and DJ Mix Tour by Gameloft

View the full specs sheet here

Can only be bought with Nokia’s “Comes with Music” service for 450 Euros when it starts shipping in Q4 of this year।

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maemo- How it started with Linus Torvalds

I was honoured to do a short write-up on Maemo mobile platform at maemoforum. Below are exerpts from the article (of course with their permission):

"Every achivement, since the begining of time started as a single thought in someone's mind!

We owe the success of Maemo to Linus Torvalds, who had the wonderful dream that marked what the very begining of Open Source is based on. He thought of creating a FREE Unix-like operating system and Viola, with the collaboration of thousands of other like-minds, Linux is born!

Using Linux, Nokia initiated the first mobile project that takes the Linux desktop paradigm to mobile devices, this project became known as Maemo. Maemo, based on Linux and GNOME, has indeed come a long way, evolving and improving. It powered devices like the first Nokia internet tablet, the N770. Nokia further released the N800 and the N810 both powered by the Maemo mobile operating system.

Maemo is maintained by communities of open-source developers. This enables the Maemo community to freely modify and continually develop software as part of a shared goal: to develop a free mobile operating system that is truly human.

The Maemo creative team comprises over 19,000 members working on more than 800 projects, a number growing all the time, with a hub, aimed at enabling users, developers, and designers to openly collaborate on all things Maemo.

The latest version of Maemo, Maemo 5, powers the new Nokia mobile computer, the N900. It includes cellular connectivity for the High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) data with an amazing interface to go with it. Telephony and full messaging capabilities are also incorporated."

Those guys at maemoforum have started something that will eventually become big!

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