Monday, July 20, 2009

NOKIA MOBILE WEB SERVER- Give Your Smartphone a Web Presence!

When I first read about the idea of a web server (yes, Web Server) running on a Smartphone in one of Prodigits forums in back in 2004, I deemed it a futile effort.

But last month, while nosing around on the web for cool mobile stuff, I came across the Web Server for the second time, this time better packaged, at Nokia Beta Labs . Five years later, it has become fine-tuned and could be setup but just any geek with an above-average curiosity.

Within an hour or so I had it up and running on my Nokia E61i and also linked it to my Facebook account via the Nokia Mobile Web Server app.!

The Mobile Web Server allows you to:

  • Host your personal blog right on your Nokia Smartphone
  • Integrate the Smartphone’s native messaging with the Web Server to post blog entries
  • Remotely access the phonebook, calendar, photo gallery and call log (PC Suite, sort of)
  • Remotely access the Smartphone’s camera
  • Remotely access Messaging (SMS)
  • Use your Smartphone as a surveillance camera
  • Start/ stop the Web Server remotely
  • Post photos of your surroundings to your blog visitors upon request (also possible via the Facebook app.)
  • Leave your Smartphone at home when travelling overseas, yet your access to call-log, messaging etc is not restricted- thus avoiding heavy roaming charges
  • Post the Web Server’s geographical coordinates using GPS
  • Update Facebook status message in one click

After using it for a month or so I think the Web Server could be improved by:

  • Enabling the camera to remotely take snapshots at intervals to give a full James Bond experience
  • Enabling remote access to notes and service commands
  • Remote restart or power-off function

The Web Server is available for downloading here.

Ideas are welcome.


  1. I have already seen it in action here:

  2. Indeed the MWS is a nice product. Have you considered using it instead of Wordpress for your efforts in blogging about mobile?

    I really enjoy using the MWS, and frankly don't want to do mobile and web computing any other way.

  3. If only it could allow BBS too LOL. BTW I really like the idea; having a working web server right in our smartphone. I'd like to try it too but too bad I don't have a good smartphone to begin with...

  4. The instant blogging or sharing of information via the webserver. It was mentioned in the article, but I was thinking larger. It could be feasible to write a small app on the server that would accumulate the information then send it out to the respective locations and then link it all together. There would be no reason to really have a web server serving pages to the public (private maybe) on your phone, it would be a burden and could overwhelm the phone and your pocketbook.

    A nice little project, just need a smartphone!

  5. @Robert Fisher
    Your idea is interesting considering the limited processing/memory capability and capacity of today's smartphones. Though at present, it handles considerable traffic quite well but this cannot be ascertained when traffic becomes fullblown.

    Its a good thing that the MWS project is open-source. In time, more functionalties and options will be available.

    FYI, there is already a PAMP Stack (Personal Apache PHP MySQL) for the MWS. Its available at


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