Thursday, July 23, 2009


Some argue that the iPhone is a mobile computer that just happens to have phone capabilities. Some even go on to assert that there are only two smartphones; the iPhone and others!

Sure, the iPhone is a great mobile computer but it’s not without its own shortcomings. Among these are lack of real multitasking (which I can’t live without) and lack of a physical keypad. The iPhone, with its hip interface has set the stage in the mobile industry and competition is rife.

Other players in the industry have come up with their own would-be iPhone killers. And, while these have features not found in the iPhone, all including the iPhone are yet to occupy that position of the mobile computing platform.

The concept of mobile computing has to be considered in the right frame of mind. The ultimate mobile computer has to be that gadget that would be fully customizable right out of the box like a desktop.

Based on people’s opinions the following features are what most users would like to see in what is herein called “the Dream Mobile Computer” or DMC:

1. Upgradable memory and processor: I conceived that idea long time ago that a smartphone should be something you’ll take to a service shop and upgrade the hardware (or DIY if you have the nerves). The dream mobile computer should be capable of handling huge computing tasks without hangs.

2. Great battery life: Overheating batteries are a thing of the past. We need batteries that can run for many hours with heavy use on a single charge.

3. Storage: The storage capacity should be above 200GB. The highest today is a mere 32GB.

4. Physical QWERTY keyboard: It should have a slide out quality keyboard to make room for screen space. I’ll never but a phone without one. The Nokia N97, the E75 and many HTC smartphones are doing well in this area.

5. Docking station with Bluetooth and USB connectivity: Either for work or for play we should be able to connect our dream mobile computer to a docking station with universal connectivity, a large display and a real ergonomic keyboard.

6. Comfortable display: Capacitive or resistive, the screen should be considerably large for comfortable use.

7. Open Source SDK: Proprietary software policies don’t allow for innovation. The dream computer should be capable running any OS the consumer is comfortable with. Installation and customization should not be rocket science.

8. Cloud aware: It should be able to sync your data with the cloud for backups and to Google Docs/Calender in one click. It should also be able to interface with different backup storage devices.

9. Security: Nokia has done well with the remote-wipe technology. The dream mobile computer should have features like this.

10. 8MP Camera with Zenon Flash: Some of today’s smartphones still sport LED flash, yuk!

11. Accelerometer, Compass, GPS (with voice control), AM/FM receiver/transmitter, DivX / XVid Video support, Wi-Fi, Wimax, Video In/Out……. : All these should become standards in our dream mobile computer.

Oh, did I mention our dream mobile computer should be able to make calls (worldwide quad-band) with good voice clarity?

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